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Spiral technologies established in 2009. We provide comprehensive application development solutions mainly on the open-source technology such as Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and PHP as the core implementation technology.

In application development, architecting integration solutions is a rather complex task. There are many conflicting drivers and even more possible 'right' solutions. Whether the architecture was in fact a good choice usually is not known until many months or even years later, when inevitable changes and additions put the original architecture to the test.


we believe in great ideas

Our mission is to use our extensive IT experiences to enable our customers in the industry and government agencies especially to profit from the use of advanced IT technology and robust framework to achieve business objective, and at the same time maximizes the investment made.

We strive to maintain the highest standard of business ethics and conducts, to build long-term customer relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

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single sign-on

How many of you have to implement your own authentication mechanism -- usually some simple database lookup ? How often have you stopped to think about the workflow needed for creating and managing user account ? This is a common task in any application development project.

data migration

Data migration is necessary when a company upgrades its database or system software, either from one version to another or from one program to an entirely different program.
Data migration typically has four phases:
analysis of source data
extraction and transformation of data
validation and repair of data, and,
use of data in the new program

application integration

Today's business applications rarely live in isolation. Users expect instant access to all business functions an enterprise can offer, regardless of which system the functionality may reside in. This requires disparate applications to be connected into a larger, integrated solution. This integration is usually achieved through the use of some form of "middleware". Middleware provides the "plumbing" such as data transport, data transformation, and routing.

application development

The Application Development has seen a lot of changes in a relative short period of time. From both sides of the fence – customers looking for software solutions, and the resource pool of application development talent – there has been considerable upheaval over the last few years.

big data

The important data doesn’t resolve around how much data you have, but what would you do with it. Data can come from many sources and can be analyze to finds answers that translate to:
cost reductions
time reductions
new products developments and optimized offering
smart decision making

enterprise solutions

Enterprise Solutions are approach to helps enterprises merging processes, employee, data system into one single integrated platform.